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Psychic?medium-ship is connecting?you?with?your?loved ones?in Spirit. Medium-ship is?like learning?a?different?language?where your?loved?ones on the other?side?or?the?Spirit world,?as?we?often refer it,?will connect with?Patty Mac’s?psychic/medium energies?and?give specific?information to the?client.

The intention of medium-ship is to give specific information known only to the client and the love one they wish to connect?with?on?psychic?level.?Messages?will come?through about?past,?present?and?future?events?during?the session. Psychic Mediums, such as Patty Mac?operate on a?higher?vibration frequency?in order to be?able?to connect?with?the?Spirit?realm. When a?client?sits?for?a?session,?Psychic Medium Patty Mac will ask?only the client’s name, and will ask for either?a Yes or No confirmation when Spirit brings up personal information to validate what is being shared. The client can?then trust in what Spirit’s message is telling them.

Medium-ship readings?are available on an individual basis,?at house?parties or?as?a group reading.

Sessions are $60.00 per?half-hour; or $100.00 an hour. Here?is a link to?a sample group?reading: